Birthday Party

How To Set The Perfect Background For Your Kid’s Birthday Party?

Kids love their birthday parties. It is the time they can show their classmates and friends the homey side of themselves and brag about their favorite things their parents bring them. Therefore, when your kid’s birthday party is approaching fast and the guest list is exciting, then you should ensure that you are well-prepared. 

Among various party shenanigans, decor plays a vital role. Your kid might want a themed birthday party and setting the decor accordingly can be a huge task. Here are some essential tips you can explore to set up the perfect birthday party background for your kid. 

Choose The Theme They Want

The first thing to do when setting up the party background is to choose a theme. Discuss things with your kid and let them tell you their desires. Most kids want a birthday theme based on their favorite cartoon character, TV show, or movie character. 

You should check the theme of the show and see what you can do about the decor. You can find cartoon character stickers, cards, and even balloons online and in physical stores. 

Plan Your Color Combination

The next step would be to choose the right color combination. Most TV shows and cartoons have multiple colors. If you are not looking for a rainbow theme, nor do you want your kid’s birthday party to look like a gothic theme set, you should choose the appropriate ratio of each color. 

Each movie or TV show has a banner or color theme. You can pick colors that suit your taste and you think might look festive for a birthday party. 

Invest In Wall Art And Lettering

Instead of going with the paper cutouts for the “Happy Birthday” banner, you should consider vinyl lettering for decoration. Vinyl lettering can add a pop of color and they look more professional. 

You can choose the font and color combinations of the letters according to the theme you have set for the party. Make sure that these colors are not blending in the background and you can see them clearly in the pictures. 

Add Balloons In Different Shapes

Kids love balloons and your birthday party background is incomplete without the appropriate number of balloons. You should look for party balloons in various shapes and sizes. 

Make sure that you choose colors according to your theme. Moreover, you should also get a few helium balloons shaped like your kid’s favorite cartoon character or their age number. 

Ensure the Background Is Subtle

Lastly, make sure that your birthday party background is not too noisy. You should choose subtle colors that blend well together. Avoid the sharp contrast as they might take all the focus away from other decorations. 

The background should be subtle and it should look beautiful in the pictures. Make sure that the birthday set defines people standing in front of it instead of merging them into the background. This all depends on the color combinations and the ratio of each color in the set.